Your Review:

If implemented, how much impact on the functionality and/usability of the project will this suggestion have?

Minor improvement.

Does this suggestion match the goals, intended applications and/or roadmap of the project?

It is related and may add value, but has no direct relation to the main purpose and/or applications of the project.

Is the proposal realistic and feasible?

Yes, it can definitely be implemented, but is not likely to get noticed by the development team immediately.

Has the user provided any mockups (illustrations) of potential suggestion implementation appearance?

Yes, but the quality of the mockups is poor.

Has the contributor proposed a possible solution to implement the suggestion?

Yes, the possible solution is described in great detail and makes a lot of sense

Is the suggested feature commonly available in other projects or submitted suggestions?

It's common, but it will have some measurable positive impact on the user experience or product functionality.

How would you describe the formatting, language and overall presentation of the post?


How would you rate the overall value of this contribution on the open source community and ecosystem?

This contribution adds some value to the open source community and ecosystem or is only valuable to the specific project.