Your Review:

Did the designer include a selection of distinctive designs or variations for the project owner to choose from?

Only one distinctive design was provided among the provided designs.

Does the contribution include files for immediate use in all requested formats?

Yes, all requested file formats were provided with a clear files structure.

Technical quality of graphics was:

Excellent, no mistakes within the design.

How would you describe the formatting, language and overall presentation of the post?

Excellent. The post contains no or very few minor mistakes.

What is the visibility impact on OS community and the popularity of the project?

The project is significantly important for the OS community. The number of the repository's stars and forks is greater than 5000.

How would you describe the presentation of the graphics contribution in the post?

Excellent. The graphics contribution is presented in an appealing and, if possible, unique way in real use-case scenarios if applicable.

Uniqueness and creativity of the graphics contribution?

It is unique, well-thought and suits the project well.

Technical difficulty of the graphics?

High. Majority of the contribution consists of complex elements, shapes and/or effects made by the contributor.

Is the provided design actively used by the project? (e.g. on official website, app store, in an app, software)