Your Review:

Did the designer include a selection of distinctive designs or variations for the project owner to choose from?

Between 2 and 3; the designs were complex and took a fair amount of work.

Is the whole contribution a result of own work?


Was the contribution used in the project? (ex.: the graphic design is already utilized in play store, project website or got merged into the official repository)

Yes, and the contributor provided clear evidence of it in their post.

Does the contribution include files for immediate use in all requested formats?

Yes, all required file formats were included.

Technical quality of graphics was:

Good but the design has some more serious flaws that need to be corrected.

How would you describe the formatting, language and overall presentation of the post?


How would you rate the overall value of this contribution on the open source community and ecosystem?

This contribution adds some value to the open source community and ecosystem or is only valuable to the specific project.